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Postcards of the Past
Old Postcards & Photos Of Blackpool, Lancashire

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Blackpool Central Beach Before The Tower

Blackpool Central Beach Blackpool Central Beach
Blackpool Central Beach around 1876, before the Tower was built

Posted: Unused
Re-Published by: Progress, for Blackpool's Centenary in 1976

Victoria Pier and Promenade, Blackpool, Early 1900s

Blackpool Central Beach Blackpool Central Beach
Victoria Pier (renamed South Pier in 1930), Blackpool

Posted: Unused
Published by: W

Central Beach, Blackpool

Blackpool Central Beach Blackpool Central Beach
Central Beach, Blackpool

Posted: Unused
Published by: Raphael Tuck and Sons Ltd

Pleasure Beach & New Promenade, 1929

Blackpool Pleasure Beach Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Pleasure Beach and New Promenade (now South Promenade), Blackpool, around 1929

Posted: 20 August 1929 to The Grove, Wheatley Hills, Doncaster
Published by: unknown

Talbot Square, Blackpool, 1946

Talbot Square Talbot Square
Talbot Square, Blackpool, around 1946

Published by: Millar and Lang Ltd (under licence granted by the Ministry of Supply)
Posted: 1946 to Ashtree Rd, Pelsall, Walsall, Staffs

Winter Gardens, Blackpool, 1919

Blackpool Winter Gardens Winter Gardens
Winter Gardens and the big wheel, Blackpool, around 1919

Published by: Lyric Series B V C
Posted on:
July 1919 to Bristol Road, Edgebaston, Birmingham

Tram On Whitegate Drive, 1923

Tram on Whitegate Drive postcard Whitegate Drive postcard (reverse)
A Tram on Whitegate Drive, Blackpool, around 1923
The tram system began in 1885 and still runs along the promenade today. Trams ran along Whitegate drive between 1901 and 1962.

Posted: 1923 to Galleys Bank, Kidsgrove, Stoke on Trent
Published by: County Series (WJP)

South Shore Baths, Blackpool

Blackpool South Shore Baths Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Blackpool South Shore Baths
The baths were opened in 1923 and demolished in 1983 to make way for the Sandcastle Waterpark

Posted to: unused
Published by: Regent Fine Art Co. Ltd. Belfast

North Parade, Blackpool, 1918

Blackpool North Parade postcard Blackpool North Parade postcard (reverse)
North Parade (now North Promenade) Blackpool, around 1918

Posted: August 1918 to Beeston, Leeds
Published by: E T W Dennis & Sons, London & Scarborough

Blackpool Promenade From North Pier

Blackpool North Pier Blackpool North Pier
Blackpool from the pavilion on North Pier

Posted to: unused
Published by: Boots Cash Chemists

Gynn Inn, Blackpool

Blackpool Gynn Inn Blackpool Gynn Inn postcard (reverse)
The Gynn Inn (now the Gynn Hotel), Gynn Square, Blackpool

Posted to: unused
Published by: E.R.G. & Co. Blackpool

Blackpool Tower & North Pier

Blackpool Tower and North Pier Blackpool Tower and North Pier postcard (reverse)
Blackpool Tower, promenade and North Pier

Posted to: unused
Published by: Lilywhite Ltd

The Cliffs, Norbreck, 1968

Nobreck Castle Hotel Norbreck Castle Hotel postcard (reverse)
Norbreck Castle Hotel Blackpool

Posted: 1968 to Barnoldswick
Published by: Photoway of Fleet Street

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