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Postcards of the Past
Football Old Postcards & Photos

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Manchester United - 1934

MUFC 1934 MUFC postcard (reverse)
1933-1934 Manchester United team

Stanley Matthews - 1943

Stanley Matthews 1943 Stanley Matthews postcard (reverse)
Stanley Matthews playing for the RAF in 1943

Manchester United - 1946

MUFC 1946 MUFC postcard (reverse)
Matt Busby meets the Manchester United team in 1946

Manchester United - 1948

MUFC 1948 MUFC postcard (reverse)
Manchester United, 1948 FA Cup winners

Manchester United - 1965

MUFC 1965 MUFC postcard (reverse)
Manchester United - League Champion 1964-1965

Manchester United - 1975

MUFC 1975 MUFC postcard (reverse)
Manchester United's 1974-1975 team

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