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Postcards of the Past
Old Postcards & Photos Of Ships & Boats in North Wales

18 September 2015 - this is a new section to the website, I started collecting shipping postcards after discovering some of my ancestors sailed on these vessels.

SS Cambria Leaving Holyhead Harbour 1906

LNWR SS Cambria SS Cambria postcard (reverse)
London North Western Railways ship SS Cambria leaving Holyhead for Dublin around 1906

Posted on: July 1906 from Dublin to Woodborough Hall, Nottingham
Published by: LNWR Card, printed by McCorquodale & Co. Ltd

Cambria and Hibernia At Holyhead

LNWR ships Hibernia and Cambria at Holyhead Hibernai and Cambria postcard (reverse)
LNWR ships, Cambria and Hibernia, at Holyhead in the 1940s

Posted on: unused
Published by: Photochrom, Tunbridge Wells

LNWR Ship Cambria in Holyhead Harbour

TSS Cambria TSS Cambria postcard (reverse)
London North Western Railways ship Cambria in Holyhead

Posted on: unused
Published by: Valentine & Sons, Dundee and London

St Trudo at Menai Bridge Pier

South Stack Lighthouse old postcard South Stack postcard (reverse)
Steam boat St Trudo arriving at Menai Bridge pier around 1937

Posted on: 10 Spetember 1937 to Bournemouth
Published by: A W H

Boats On The Menai Straits

Bangor from Anglesey Bangor postcard (reverse)
An unknown steamer on the Menai Straits, while a ship waits at the Menai Bridge Pier

Posted to: unused
Published by: the Photochrom Co., Ltd., London & Tunbridge Wells - Sepiatone Series

Holyhead Railway Station

Holyhead Station in the early 1900s postcard Holyhead Station postcard (reverse)
Holyhead Railway Station, passengers transferring from the train to the boat for Dublin (North Wall) in the early 1900s

Posted: to Hertford, date unreadable
Re-published by: McCorquodale & Co., Ltd. for London & North Western Railway Company

Holyhead Station

Holyhead station and port Holyhead station postcard (reverse)
Holyhead Railway Station and Port. The arrival of the Irish mail.

Posted: date unreadable but stamp dates from 1952, posted to Portsmouth
Published by: Photochrom Ltd., Royal Tunbridge Wells

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